Monday, December 24, 2012

Elf on the shelf

Some Facebook updates over the past couple of weeks talked about moving or forgetting to move the 'elf on the shelf'. This is a vehicle for some families to help reinforce good behavior in advance of Christmas. It helps to set expectations. Do something wrong, the elf will know. Do something right, the elf will know.

Some may quibble about the silliness of the elf, while others are living by it. Either way, setting expectations and consequences for behavior is good. Whether it is the elf or some higher power watching over us, there is a sense of right and wrong that I believe is inherent in humanity.

Christmas is one of many opportunities during the year to pause and reflect on what has happened, good and bad. There are consequences for both.  Some of the consequences are immediate, some will play out over time.

In this holiday season, this time of darkness, find a light, even if it is a glimmer of light. I do believe that there is a light and that light will bring hope and love. Hope that neighbors will help neighbors. That the neighbors will become a community, and live in a community of love and respect for one another.

This will be the last weekly summary for 2012.

Except for December, I have summarized the major event of each month as we progressed though the "12 Days of Donating." If you missed those updates you can find them here:

May you and your family have a great holiday season, and may the New Year bring goodness to Franklin!


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