Monday, December 3, 2012

Next up: Remington-Jefferson school tour, Dec 6 - 6;00 PM

Coming off the Thanksgiving Holiday, one of our family traditions has been listening to Alice's Restaurant. This tradition started many years ago, before we moved to Franklin. My wife and I are native Rhode Islanders and would return for the holidays from our NJ home. The song was one of a standard set to play on the road.

Towards the end of the song, Arlo talks about the movement. How if one person did something, they would think he is crazy. If two people did something, they would think they are gay. How if three people did something, they would be an organization. How if 50 people did something, they would be a movement.

Getting from 3 to 50 to get a movement going is a challenge. You need to catch their attention and give them a reason to act. You are already reading this, so I have your attention. Thank you! The School District has scheduled a series of tours, one school (or school complex) a month for this school year. Members of the School Committee, Central Office and the principal of the school give of their time this Thursday night beginning at 6:00 PM to welcome Franklin residents for a walk through the Remington-Jefferson schools.

Horace Mann Middle School entrance

If you have children in school, you should participate. Even if you don't have children in school, you should participate. This is a great time to see what is happening in school. To ask questions in an informal setting as the tour goes room to room, around the school. From the front entrance to the boiler room, to the gym, to the cafeteria. You get to see the inside of the school that you wouldn't otherwise see!

Join us Thursday night at the Remington Jefferson Schools, 6:00 PM!

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