Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week ending - Oct 30, 2011

Sunday morning finds Franklin digging out from the first winter nor'easter. Despite the work and damage the snow causes, the scenes around town are pretty. The white snow and the autumn trees still in color present quite a contrast. The sky is clear and blue. Typical for post storm in New England, we get a great weather day.

Does this provide a parallel to our local events? The school budget has been cut, what damage that will bring to the children of Franklin remains to be seen. The School Committee and School Administration have to figure that one out. The Town Council is scheduled to add some positions back into the budget for this year according to the agenda for the meeting on Nov 2. Will they explain that taking the school budget money is really the best thing to do. That adding these other positions back is the real best use for our tax dollars? What will that discussion bring? After all is said and done will the air be clear and blue?

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