Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week ending - Oct 16, 2011

Another Sunday, another week behind us, another week closer to the local election on Nov 8th. The real challenge for Franklin voters will be to step up to the plate (actually voting booth) on Nov 8th. No high profile candidates (who don't directly affect what happens here in Franklin) are up for election to draw out the voters. No major TV campaigns are going to tout this position or that.

The candidates that are up for election will determine the tax rate you pay. (Yes, they'll set the rate at a Town Council meeting in December.) They'll also determine the budget and level of services we get to use or miss (because they were cut).

Let's get a decent turn out this time. Let's get more than 50% of the voters out to the Field House on Tuesday, Nov 8th. If we can turn out 90% for a high profile election, we can turn out more than 50% for something that directly affects Franklin.

Since you are reading this, you do think Franklin matters, spread the word to your neighbors and friends. Let's get a great turnout for our own local election.

Information on the election, the timeline, absentee ballot info, MDN candidate profiles, incumbent Town Council and School Committee attendance records are collected in one place for you to find

Sun - Oct 16

World Food Day is being celebrated Sunday. During your dinner, have a conversation about food and where it comes from.

Sat - Oct 15

Did you get out to the Book Sale?

Fri - Oct 14

Alerts on upcoming events dominate the posts today

Thu - Oct 13

Head's up on the showing of "Race to Nowhere" - Tues, Oct 18th - tickets are free but you do need to reserve your ticket online.

Weds - Oct 12

I followed the money to attend and reporting on the Finance Committee. It was their first meeting for the new fiscal year and first since the reduction from 11 to 9 members was voted in with the approved charter changes. You can't get this information elsewhere.

Tue - Oct 11

If you want more than the MDN candidate profile, the first of a series of candidates answering 3 questions is published here.

Mon - Oct 10

Columbus Day, other than the holiday, but we caught up to an article by the Boston Globe West edition on the Town Council-School Committee issue over the teacher contract. The Globe actually had a reporter at the Town Council meeting where the School Committee failed to show up.

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