Sunday, September 4, 2011

Week ending - Sep 4, 2011

Everyone is probably happy to say goodbye Irene! The Hurricane made its way up the east coast, hit Manhattan and Vermont head on. The damage to Vermont is going to take a long time to recover from. Western MA was also hit significantly with flood damage. Most of our area sustained wind damage and lasting electricity outages. 

Post Irene

Sunday - Sep 4

Geoffrey Zub is improving Franklin's entries on Google maps. With the lingering water, mosquitoes are now around. What is the labor situation as we head into Labor Day?

Saturday - Sep 3

Chris Clay was a fount of info during the garden walkabout.  Sustainable fishing and updates on the MOMS Club and important info on SNAP benefits.

Friday - Sep 2

Parents of boys should view the short video. Mass Budget has and update on school funding. Franklin, Bellingham and Milford continue to push back on the proposed EPA regulations to control phosphorus in the Charles River basin.

Thursday - Sep 1

For those looking for work, there was a good event on Friday (recap here), an update on the electrical restoration process and another Mass Budget report.

Wednesday - August 31

Multiple updates on events post-Irene, Beaver St expands hours, school start is delayed and the YMCA is running a membership promotion.

Tuesday - August 30

Photos from the walk around Franklin on Monday, the YMCA opens its doors to those without electricity and some school announcements.

Monday - August 29

Without electricity, I was conserving my laptop battery power so there was only one item published.

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