Monday, January 14, 2013

New England winter weather changes

Chilson Beach in winter
 This week the snow is gone, the ice is melting.

Ice fishing on Beaver Pond
Last week, the snow still provided a cover and ice fishing at Beaver Pond was a viable activity.

As many of you may recall, the Parmenter School Tour was scheduled for Thursday Jan 10th. Prior school tours have had minimal attendance by the general public. As we approach this weeks tour, I checked the school websites, newsletters, etc. and offered the following to the School Committee and Central Office.
  • The Parmenter PCC has no notification on its webpage or weekly update.
  • The Parmenter School newsletter has no notification of this event
  • The Parmenter School sign has no mention of the event.
  • The School Committee blog last update was for the overall tour schedule as published in Sep 2012.
  • The Schools website has no mention of the event (this one or past, or future tours).
Not one to just raise an issue without providing some solutions, I also offered some suggestions on what could be done to help spread the word.
  • Could there be an update on the School Committee blog?
  • Could there be an update on the community event calendar with the cable channels?
  • Could there be a press release touting the tour and showing off the only school installation of solar panels, or even of the rain gardens in the front, or of the modulars removed from the property?
  • Could some one use a couple of minutes of the Citizens Comments at the beginning of the Town Council meeting on Wednesday to spread the word?
  • Could some one think of some other way to help spread the word about this free yet valuable opportunity to meet with School Administration, School Committee and local school principals?

Note: The Parmenter sign was updated to tout the tour. The one set of parents that did show up for the tour heard about it via a ConnectED notification sent to all the school families that chose to register. But what about the non-school families? Were they notified in some way? Unless they heard about the tour via Franklin Matters, or perhaps the school sign and chose not to attend, they may not have known.

The choice is with the School Committee and Central Office. They all do an awful lot of good work and could do a better job of sharing information about the work they do. I do my part on here on Franklin Matters and the Facebook page, but I wish they would do a little better in the communication area. A little bit of work can go a long way!

If you think the School Committee and Central Office can do a better job of communicating, then you should let them know.  Email addresses for the School Committee can be found here

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