Monday, January 21, 2013

Martin and Ben in Franklin

Martin Luther King Day today and a holiday for most. School is out here in Franklin and elsewhere. 

Benjamin Franklin's birthday was celebrated with a party at the Historical Museum on Sunday. A good crowd gathered to hear Vera Meyer's play the glass harmonica, one of Ben's many inventions.

The Town Council meets on Wednesday. Among the items on the agenda:
1 - Treasurer/Collector, Jim Dacey apparently will talk about a section of the Home Rule process
2 - DPW Director, Brutus Cantoreggi will provide an update on the DPW snow plowing process.

In the action items, one key piece is the first part of the capital budget is scheduled for approval.

TOTAL REQUESTED:   $ 1,598,000
PURPOSE:  To transfer/appropriate funds for the 2013 Capital Improvement Plan:

Dept                          Type                             Amount
Fire                          Equipment                       $215,000
Police                       Equipment                       $  92,000
Police                       Vehicles                           $  71,000
Town Technology     Equipment                        $  97,500
School                      Vehicles                           $  63,000
School                      Technology                      $233,000
DPW                        Vehicles & Equipment      $193,500
DPW                    Street/Sidewalk/Drainage     $500,000
Facilities – School      Equipment                       $133,000

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