Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week ending - Jun 3, 2012

Memorial Day has come and gone and 387 Franklin High School seniors have officially begun their new life as graduates! In between these two significant events, much else has happened around Franklin.

What does the week ahead look like?
After setting the budget, the Finance Committee and Town Council get about approving some funding for specific projects.

  1. The fire truck replacement fund gets this year's addition. If I recall correctly, this is the third year of building up the fund to help pay for a replacement. 
  2. The talk of renovating Davis Thayer gets to the step of funding an architect to develop the draft and estimates of what should be done and how much it would cost.
  3. The outstanding work on the dams on the DelCarte property come up for funding.
  4. A fund for Senior Center capital improvements is proposed
  5. A fund for athletic field capital improvements is proposed
  6. Funding for a new DPW garage and storage facility is up for discussion
  7. Funding for street and sidewalk improvements

The Finance committee gets their first look at these items during their meeting Tuesday evening. Their vote is an input for the Town Council discussion and action item for their meeting on Wednesday evening.


(Note: if you do read the detail on Res 12-46, there will likely be a revision before approval. Obviously, a clerical error where the fund being established for the Senior Center would not be used to help the athletic fields.)

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