Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week ending - Jun 10, 2012

This was a week were advance planning was evident all around.

The Finance Committee appropriated over $3.3M on a variety of projects that have been talked of for some time and are now taking a step forward. There is still a way to go for most of the projects but it is a start. Capital funds were established for a new fire truck, for the artificial turf fields and for the Senior Center. Money was put aside now for these items but more will be needed. A little bit at a time requires planning!

The Town Council also appropriated the same amount making the final approval that that FinCom had passed along to them. The FinCom votes were all 8-0 and the Town Council votes were all 9-0. Some discussion but everyone agreed this was good planning!

The Relay for Life was held on the high school field on Friday night into Saturday. Exactly how much money they raised to fight cancer is not known as this is written. There were dozens of teams, tents and bunches of folks still walking when Dolores and I stopped by Saturday morning. Planning for this event started months ago. Planning for this event was critical for successful execution!

The Parmenter 5K was held on Sunday. This is the 4th annual event and it has been growing in size each year. It is good to see so many folks coming out to exercise and fund raise for the school. Planning again.

Not much time left for kindergartners; school will be out for the summer soon. What are you planning to do with your summer? I hope you are planning to do something good!

Parmenter 5K: rain garden

The rain garden planted in a few locations around the Parmenter School is carefully planned to naturally treat  rain water before it makes its way to the brooks and streams and eventually to the Charles River. Yes, planning!

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