Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week ending - Jan 29, 2012

The week between the Patriots win in the AFC Championship game and their taking the field against the NY Giants in the Super Bowl. Lots of reflection on past matches, past history, interviews with the players and what it means to be in the big game. If you are a die-hard fan, this is the time you live for. If you are a player, this is what you have trained for. The chance. The big show!

After many years of discussion, meetings, proposals, and revisions the MSBA has approved the plan and amount as proposed for Franklin to use the model school program to replace Franklin High School. Franklin stands to gain a 104.5 million dollar school for the outlay of 47 million by the Franklin taxpayers. The Commonwealth of MA has determined to provide the rest. This is no small deal. This is a big and good deal. Where in this day and age of tight money can you get a 2 dollar return for the dollar you put down?

Some fly-by-night internet scam may catch your eye promising such a return. They won't deliver. They can't. Once you turn over your dollar, they are gone! Not so with this deal. The Commonwealth has been good to Franklin over the years. They are very good to us now.

This is an opportunity of a life time. Your children's life time perhaps. Maybe they will get to go to this new school. Mine are through FHS and college, and into the working world.

And no, the building alone does not provide a good education. It is the stage upon which the education can be conducted. It is a worthy stage for the highly qualified teachers, principals and other staff to provide the best we can for our children.

This is the start of the big show. Wednesday night's Town Council meeting will determine the date and the text for the ballot question that the Franklin taxpayers can vote upon to either approve this deal, or say no.

Stay tuned into this. This is the big deal!

For additional details on the Town Council agenda and action items, follow the links below.

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