Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week ending - Jan 15, 2012

"Sign, sign, everywhere a sign
Blockin' out the scenery, breakin' my mind
Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign?"

Showing my age a bit but the Sign Bylaw coming to the Town Council this week to start the formal approval process reminds me of the song. The Council will refer the Sign Bylaw to the Planning Board. The Planning Board will take input during a public hearing and ultimately send it back to the Town Council for approval. The Town Council will have two readings of the Sign Bylaw before they vote on it (usually at the same time as their second reading).

Franklin signs: E Central Street 1

The section that covers for the transition from the old bylaw to the new says:
Enforcement and Pre-existing Signs 
The proposed Sign Bylaw now clearly defines the Building Commissioner as the entity who will permit all signs, oversee installation, ensure compliance and remove non-compliant signs, regulate their maintenance, and initiate penalties. Pre-existing signs are grandfathered unless they were being displayed in violation of the existing Sign Bylaw. Pre-existing signs will remain as such until a new sign is displayed or any modification to the existing signage is made, then it must conform to the new Sign Bylaw. 
The proposed Bylaw also addresses many issues that the previous Bylaw left unaddressed. One such issue the Bylaw now clearly defines is the role and responsibilities of the Design Review Commission. In addition, the proposed Sign Bylaw now address a more defined process for appeal of Design Review Commission decisions or appeals of a decision issued by the Building Commissioner. 
Temporary Signs 
The current Sign Bylaw addresses several types of temporary signs and the extent to which they are allowed. The proposed Bylaw clearly prohibits most temporary signs except real estate signs, political signs and non-profits if displayed in Municipal sign displays located throughout the Town. New business owners would be permitted to display one temporary sign for up to 30 days during the opening of the business.
You can read the full set of documents pertaining to the Sign bylaw with the Town Council Agenda document for the meeting Jan 18, 2012. The bylaw section begins on page 10.

And for music to listen to while you cruise through last week's posts, here is Tesla with their version of "Signs":

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