Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week ending - Dec 11, 2011

Call to action.
Some will hear it.
Some will miss it.

This week there are two calls to action to pay attention to. Yes, there are many but for the purposes of this weekly summary and in determining the direction of Franklin, I'll highlight these two.

1 - The Master Plan
Some folks complain about this business coming into this plot of land and don't understand the process. If you want to help determine the process, help determine any changes to the zoning bylaws that the Planning Board adhere to? Then this is your opportunity. The Master Plan is looking for residents to work in committee for a year to 18 months and help finish the plan.
  • If you are interested, reach out to the Town Administrator's office to express your interest and apply
  • If you would like some background on what the Master Plan will do, view this clip from the recent Town Council meeting
  • If you would like additional info, reach out to Bryan Taberner, the Director of the Panning and Community Development department

2 - Town Council working session
The Town Council will hold a work session on Wednesday, Dec 14. The working session will take place in the 3rd Floor Training Room at the Municipal Bldg. The session will begin at 7:00 PM. The session is open to all Franklin residents. You can have direct access to the councilors to talk about your issues and concerns.

This is a great idea! The newly formed Council is attempting to foster more direct access to Franklin residents and we need to take advantage of this opportunity. During the current Town Council meetings, you only 3 minutes to say something during Citizens Comments and then you have to wait until the end of the meeting agenda where either the Town Administrator or one (or more) of the Council will have an opportunity to respond to whatever was raised. While it works to have issues raised, this 'Citizens Comment" process does not foster a conversation.

How long the session will go will depend upon how many show up to get involved in the discussion. Do you recall the listing of items up for discussion at future Town Council meetings and published as part of the workshop held in November? If you are looking for a topic, this would be one place to start.

- - -

This is my public service effort for Franklin. I can use your help. How can you help, you ask? If you have an interest in writing about something that matters in Franklin, please let me know.

And as always: 

  • If you like this, please tell your friends and neighbors 
  • If you don't like this, please let me know 

This feedback loop is so important. Thank you for paying attention!

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