Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week Ending - Feb 19, 2012

Bumped into a friend at the Circle of Friends Coffeehouse on Saturday night. Her father is also not in good health these days. Hmm, a sign of the times? Some of us are getting to the age where our parents are reaching the natural end of their life. More of us are finding that these times can be trying.

Our parents guided us, provided for us, now the tables are turning and we become the care givers. We have provided care for our own children so providing care is something we can do. It does feel strange for the roles to have reversed.

Mom and Dad helped us dress. Took time to feed us. Now it is our turn to help them dress and eat. Our turn to help figure out the healthcare system. Our turn to help guide our parents.

So what does this all have to do with Franklin? If we are not in a situation like this, we can learn from it. We will be some day. The lessons our parents taught us remain. Family first. Taking care. Being respectful. Doing what is necessary. Doing what is required.

The other lesson that applies here comes from the airlines. You have heard the line repeated many times by the stewards and stewardess': Put on the your oxygen mask first, then help your child.

Make sure while you are caring for your parents that you take care of yourself. Your own health and spirit will be drawn upon. The well is not bottomless, it needs to be replenished. Take some time to replenish yourself.

Whether it is turning to a friend, or neighbor, or spending some time to enjoy some music. Do whatever it takes to replenish the well.

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