Sunday, September 23, 2012

Leaves turning color already

It seems like school just started and yet, the end of September is upon us already.  The leaves are beginning to change colors.

The modular units at Parmenter School which were supposed to be taken down before school  started have indeed been removed. The last one left earlier this week. The DPW is working on landscaping the area where they were once located.

The construction bids for the new high school get opened on Tuesday of the coming week. how close will they be to the estimates? Will the competitive construction climate bring the cost in under the estimates? We'll find out Tuesday.


Also on Tuesday, the School Committee will hear from Principal Peter Light on this years Improvement Plan. A copy of the plan was published and can be review in advance of the meeting.

What caught my eye in the Executive Summary was the following:
Based on March 2012 SIMS data, the ethnic makeup of our school is: 1486-Caucasian, 13-Black/African American, 60-Asian, 4-American Indian, 3-Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, 24-Hispanic or Latino. The current inclusion model has 277 members of the student body classified as special needs students. Less than 1% of the student body comes from homes where their first language is not English. In March of 2009, 52 students were provided with free/ reduced price lunches and as of June 2012, 137 Students qualified for free/reduced price lunches (62% increase over three years).
Assuming the high school is a fair representation of the community as a whole, a 62% increase in the number of students qualifying for free/reduced lunch shows what effect the economy is having upon Franklin. This is also reflected in the increase in business that the Franklin Food Pantry is seeing. While Franklin is fortunate in so many ways, the economy has not left us untouched.

Friendly reminder that there will be no school on Wednesday, Sep 26th

Let us all hope for continued good weather next weekend. The annual Harvest Festival will be held in and around downtown Franklin. It will be a good time to meet and greet your neighbors. To reconnect in some cases with those who moved from your neighborhood to another. To see the business displays, to find out how they can help you. 

I am sure there will be a politician or two around. Be prepared to ask them a good question. See if their answer is what would help you decide as Nov 6th approaches.

And one more friendly reminder:

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  • If you don't like this, please tell me

This feedback loop is so important. Thank you for reading and sharing!








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